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Private Party -Janay-Click Boutique

What to Expect ~

This is a private party for Janay Shores and guests at Click Boutique.

*Please arrive early to get a seat and get settled so we can start on time.

* I provide all the materials and set everything up. * Our painting party is 2 hours with a break in the middle. * I'll lead you step-by-step through our painting, all you have to do is follow instructions! * You’ll walk away with a finished 16x20 acrylic painting on canvas that you’ve done yourself! How awesome is that?

Private Party -Janay-Click Boutique

  • Date:  December 22nd, 2023

    Time:  6:00-8:00pm

    Location:   Click Boutique, 341 N Main St., Prineville

    Price: $49 per person

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